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conversionAt Now Age New Media, we specialize in helping independent businesses convert their existing websites to the WordPress platform. Today, with WordPress powering over 25% of the world’s websites, there are very good reasons to consider the same for your business.

Evolution of website
When commercial websites became a reality in the 90s, a business website consisted basically of the who-what-where-when-why of your business. Essentially a digital brochure, with simple means of interactivity. As complex technologies became more cost-effective, blogs took birth by integrating a database with website content. WordPress was one of the early players in the blogging world, launching in 2003 to provide the ambitious blogger a user-friendly platform to present their works to the world.

WordPress for business
As an open-source system, WordPress became fertile ground for independent developers to add functionality to the basic blog engine. With rapid advances in web technologies, WordPress quickly transformed from a blogging platform to a full scale business website platform, for businesses large and small.

WordPress benefits
While we originally developed website for our clients from scratch, writing lines of code, for the past few years we’ve custom formatted high quality business “themes” that are designed to layer on top of the core WordPress engine. These themes allow for custom design elements, social media integration, sophisticated form applications, full scale e-commerce, a user-friendly administration interface, and of course, the famous WordPress blog, which forms the foundation for your business marketing.

For all the benefits of a WordPress website, one that rises to the top is the user-friendly admin interface, making website content management easy, requiring no knowledge of coding.

WordPress helps us help you
The best thing about WordPress is that it helps us to help you create a dynamic and engaging website platform to project your story to your audience, and new potential clients and customers.

Website maintenance
Once your new WordPress website is live, we provide ongoing maintenance programs to keep the system and associated application files up-to-date.

Free 15 minute consultation
If you’re looking to enhance and expand your Holistic Digital Universe, request a free 15 minute consultation with me, Now Age New Media president Craig Gordon. I’ll listen to your goals, and offer clear insights for your path forward.

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