The Message is the Medium in Holistic Digital Media

messageWhen Marshall McLuhan coined the term “the medium is the message” it was decades before the phenomenons of the internet and social media would eventually add steroids to his original insight. One doesn’t need more than a few moments with a Facebook Timeline to see how that environment lends itself to a type of communication non-existent in pre-Facebook days.

While it’s tempting in developing messaging for independent businesses in the social media environment to get lost in the metrics of posting, it’s important to keep a balance of quality and quantity in mind. In other words, what you’re saying is at least as important as how often you’re posting or getting likes. Clicks only account for so much.

When I work with clients to develop a Holistic Digital Media presence and campaign, I still ask them to determine their “elevator pitch,” with the understanding that, despite social media, a wellness or green business must be rooted in authenticity and reality. What we do is ultimately people not post-centric.

Constructing your media messaging in the Holistic Digital Media space is equally essential to the platform we develop for you. In our view, to be effective, it’s important to understand that the message is the medium.

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Craig Gordon
Craig is the founder and president of Now Age New Media.