little waters wellness

For Integrative Wellness Practitioner Dr. Kristina Wodicka, our task was to redesign the website for her Little Waters Wellness practice. We’ve been working with Dr. Wodicka for several years to define and refine her online message and presence.

For this iteration, we redesigned the website template completely, taking advantage of new design and technology possibilities. With rapid advancements in web and browser capabilities. it’s essential for independent businesses to “keep up with the big boys.”  Dr. Wodicka wisely chooses to be on the leading edge of these developments.

Keeping in line with other wellness practitioner sites we’ve designed, we were mindful to choose colors and layout that evoke warmth and wellness. And the lovely new logo, designed by Einat Blum at True Color Design, proved to be the icing on what we think is a lovely presentation of Dr. Wodicka’s unique practice and service.

To see the site, click here

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