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For the Hungry Hollow Co-op, in Chestnut Ridge, NY, our task was to redesign the website template for a site we’ve been managing for nearly ten years. It’s always smart for an active and successful independent business to periodically refresh the look and feel of their website. Keeps the design current, and viewers more engaged when there’s activity.

Our goal was to create a design feel for the site that reflected earthiness and human connection, two elements specific to Hungry Hollow. To accomplish this we selected a wood barn background image, and a header image featuring the Co-op General Manager, Lisa Burton, who exudes both desired qualities.

In addition to design, we’re consistently maintaining and updating the WordPress system platform, and associated elements to enhance site functionality. One element, in particular, is the PayPal payment button, which allows for online Co-op membership registration and payment.

Finally, we reorganized the site’s home page’s messaging to bring opportunities for Co-op membership front and center. While you don’t need to be a member to shop at Hungry Hollow, member benefits provide a myriad of values.

All the while we’ve been maintaining the Co-op’s social media and email marketing campaigns. Going forward, we’ll be integrating more live video and a dynamic events calendar, all in the effort of telling the ongoing story of Hungry Hollow Co-op to the local community.

As an innovator in holistic digital media, we at Now Age New Media are particularly passionate about the need for independent natural food grocers and food co-ops to thrive, and challenges they face in the Amazon/Whole Foods era. We provide essential insights and strategies in this area.

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