We’re excited to announce the release of a new e-Commerce website for Flash-G Apparel, featuring the abstract photography of Craig Gordon, who is actually me. But I am excited about the site, and what we can offer in the way of sophistication in e-Commerce for independent businesses.

As someone raised in a family retail business, I’ve been drawn to possibilities in online commerce for small businesses from the beginnings of a commercial internet. Until very recently, it was difficult, at best, for an independent business to create an online store that looks and functions like Macys.com, for example. Thanks to evolutions in web development platforms, particularly from WordPress, businesses today of any size can look and operate like the big boys.  That’s where Now Age New Media, and my background in retail comes in.

Before any designing happens, we create a strategy for what is being sold, who in the customer, and how are we going to connect those dots with a website. It’s one thing to have a nice looking website. Successfully doing business through that website is much more complex, which is why a sensible strategy is essential before any pursuing a particular path in design and functionality for your site.

Most importantly, simplicity, clarity and sophistication in communication and design are essential to completing a sale, once a visitor arrives at your website.

I’ve implemented this very strategy for the development of my Flash-G Apparel website, and now will attract potential shoppers to the site, and guide them from browsing to purchasing. Every business being different, my success with the Flash-G Apparel project will depend upon on-the-fly learning about a market I have no experience in reaching. The challenge is on! At least I have the tools I need to succeed.

Do you have questions about e-Commerce possibilities for your independent business? Get in touch with the form below and pitch me on your idea, and I’ll honestly tell you if I feel we can help you succeed.

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