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With storytelling transforming marketing programs and new technology transforming videography, it’s only sensible that vlogs (video blogs) have quickly become an effective vehicle for marketing businesses large and small. And nowhere are vlogs more essential or effective than for health and wellness businesses.

At Now Age New Media, we’ve pioneered a unique twist on vlogs with our “conversation” format, featuring Now Age New Media president, Craig Gordon, whose lifetime immersed in the holistic health and living world has provided him insights ideal to “host” our Holistic Web Vlogs.

Holistic Web Vlogs are up to ten minutes in length. Enough time to effectively communicate a message, but not too long as to strain a viewer’s time or attention span. Holistic Web Vlogs are posted to your website and social media.

If you own or operate a holistic, natural or green business, contact us to find out more about how our Holistic Web Vlogs can tell your story to perspective customers, clients and patients.

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About the Author:

Craig Gordon
Craig is the founder and president of Now Age New Media.