Local Holistic Business Directories

business directoriesAt Now Age New Media we like to say that we’re “an innovator in holistic digital media,” and we underscore that with our Local Holistic Business Directory platforms.

Why a local holistic directory?
While there’s no shortage of web directories for acupuncturists or homeopaths nationally, for example, they are generally too wide in geographical scope to be valuable to a consumer or business in a local market. More useful, we’ve found, is a directory that more intimately reflects the unique characteristics of a particular county, city or region.

With that in mind, we worked to innovate a platform that would include the elements and features that would result in a searchable directory of wellness practitioners, natural food stores and eateries, green businesses, combined with an ongoing blog with relevant news and information about health and the environment.

A turnkey business
If you’re looking for a turnkey web-based business that can quickly and easily generate ongoing revenue, create connections in your local holistic community, while providing a worthwhile service, our Local Holistic Directory is the right fit for you.

A few examples
We operate a few local, holistic business directories of our own, in two different markets.

First, we developed and operate a comprehensive directory of natural food restaurants in New York City: Eating Naturally NYC

Also, for Boca Raton, Florida, we developed and operate a directory of all businesses of a “holistic, natural and green” nature: Boca Natural Directory

The next step
If you’d like more information about creating a Local Holistic Business Directory in your community, the next step is to get in touch.

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