hungry hollow

Now Age New Media is pleased to announce the new sponsorship of our Rockland Natural directory website by the Hungry Hollow Co-op.

As pioneers of localized, holistic business We pioneered a web-based, localized, holistic business directory platform, with local directory sites now operating in New York and Florida.

Rockland Natural is a gateway to everything holistic, natural and green in Rockland County, NY, providing the holistic-minded community with a comprehensive directory of related businesses. The platform is also a service to the local business community, as basic listings are provided free of charge.

Additionally, the editorial staff at Rockland Natural produces original content designed to inform and educate Rockland County citizens about issues relating to wellness and the environment. It’s our aim to provide Rockland Natural as a resource for business and community alike.

“It’s a natural for the Hungry Hollow Co-op to sponsor Rockland Natural, as we share a mission to inform and educate the local community about wellness and the environment” -Lisa Burton, GM, Hungry Hollow Co-op

With it’s sponsorship of Rockland Natural, we provide Hungry Hollow Co-op with an effective marketing platform, as well as production of original video content designed to tell Hungry Hollow’s story for publication on our respective websites and social media accounts. A win-win for all involved!