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planHolistic Digital Media Plan

Every worthwhile process requires a strategy. At Now Age New Media, we organize our suite of services into a complete Holistic Digital Media Plan, which forms the roadmap for creation of your Holistic Digital Universe. Whether you have a website that needs refining, or beginning from scratch, our Holistic Digital Media Plan is designed for wellness and green businesses to elevate their conversation and presentation.

Here are the exits on the Holistic Digital Media highway:

Step 1: Consultation
Consulting represents the core of the services we offer, as without a digital media strategy, you’re a rudderless ship sailing in rough seas. The process consists of meeting, in person or via teleconference, to discern your goals, and insights we can offer to make those goals realized. Learn more

Step 2: Content
It’s well known in the online marketing universe that “content is king,’ meaning that the website with the prettiest design is nothing without compelling and authentic content. Many agencies provide content development services for any type of business you can imagine. From text to video, we offer content development specifically and only for wellness and green businesses, because that’s what we know. Learn more

Step 3: Website
After completing our consulting strategy session, determined the pathway to your business goals, and developed your basic content, we’re ready to tackle your website, the hub of your Holistic Digital Universe. Whether you have a website that needs enhancement, or beginning from scratch, we’re ready to implement the vision we’ve determined for your site. Learn more

Step 4: Social media
Finally, once your content and website are ready for prime time, it’s time to engage with the social media platforms most suitable for your business or service. From Facebook to YouTube and beyond, each business will benefit from a specific mix of platforms. While we don’t manage your social media, we do help you organize your content for specific platforms we’ve integrated into your website, forming the satellites in your Holistic Digital Universe.

What’s the cost?
Fees for our services vary, depending on the scope of your business, the goals we determine together, and the plan we recommend. That said, we’re neither the least or most expensive agency on the block. Our goal is for the value of our work to exceed the cost.

Time to act
If you’ve read this far, it’s clearly time to get in touch to discuss your wellness or green business in more detail, and how we can help.

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