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Holistic Digital Media Consulting

holistic digital media consultingAt Now Age New Media, we offer digital media consulting to wellness practitioners, green businesses and organizations.

Consulting represents the core of the services we offer, as without a digital media strategy, you’re a rudderless ship sailing in rough seas. The process consists of meeting, in person or via teleconference, to discern your goals, and insights we can offer to make those goals realized.

Authentically unique
It’s essential to determine what makes your product or services unique in your field or category, and how your personal story can form an authentic voice for sharing the value of your offering.

Website is the hub
With a plan in place, we move ahead to addressing your website. We work to enhance your existing site, or develop a website anew, to form the hub of your holistic digital universe.

Compelling content
While marketing once was the providence of sales and promotions, in the digital media space they’ve given way to creative storytelling.

Numerous studies over the years have proven that our brains are far more engaged by storytelling than the cold, hard facts. –Fast Company

With engaging content delivery tools, such as blogging and video, we work with our clients to define and tell an ongoing story about their service or goods.

At Now Age New Media, our long experience in the holistic health and natural living world provides us the insights to help our clients effectively orient their business for the digital media space.

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