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Holistic Content Development

holistic content developmentIt’s well known in the online marketing universe that “content is king,’ meaning that the website with the prettiest design is nothing without compelling and authentic content.

Many agencies provide content development services for any type of business you can imagine. At Now Age New Media, we offer content development specifically and only for wellness and green businesses, because that’s what we know.

Holistic storytelling
Many of our clients, particularly wellness providers, are reluctant to promote themselves, per se. We understand that, and work with clients to understand dynamic content construction as storytelling. Meaning, you don’t talk about what you do, you tell the story about how you helped your client or customer.

Our content development services center around blog construction and video production. Both are essential for effective online storytelling.

Blog construction
Where blogging was one the providence of online news and opinion junkies, it’s now an essential element in an effective online marketing strategy. Your blog is where you tell your story of what you do, and how you assist people with your service or product. It’s about creating value, not selling. It’s that simple. And it’s essential that it occur in a consistent fashion. A Now Age New Media, we assist our clients in maintaining clear and consistent blogging, in a way that’s an authentic reflection of your voice.

Video production
If there’s a single piece of technology that’s benefited independent businesses most directly, it’s video. Thanks to the combination of smartphones and internet technologies, businesses of any size can now communicate their message in a way previously afforded to only larger organizations. At Now Age New Media, we produce video content for clients to dynamically bring their offerings to life.

A natural partnership
Working with clients to develop dynamic and effective solutions requires an intimacy that allows us to know you and your business. At Now Age New Media, we’re experienced and comfortable with the personal relationship skills required to make that kind of connection possible.

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