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About Now Age New Media

By Craig Gordon

aboutI created Now Age New Media in the late 90s as a service for wellness practitioners, natural food stores, and the like, to claim their space in the new, and wildly expanding internet. In those days, a space on the internet consisted of a website that, simply put, was a digital brochure, with a few interactive elements, such as a form and a clickable email address.

The reason I focused on working within the wellness and green business community is because I had been immersed in that world since Grade 1 at a Waldorf School, where there was probably a little too much naturalness for a seven year-old, American boy in the mid-Sixties. At the same time, my parents owned a retail store, where the other half of my life happened. Little did I know at the time that those shared experiences would serve me later in life.

As such, my experience includes owning/managing a natural food restaurant, working in the dietary supplements area, and publishing an independent magazine focused on health and the environment. That diversity informs the consulting I offer to my clients today.

What makes Now Age New Media unique is how my diverse experiences allows me to cater to the natural health and products fields with an understanding of marketing independent businesses. Unlike other marketing consultants, I only work in the world that I know, and that I’ve been passionately immersed in for my entire adult life. In other words, if you sell auto parts, I can’t help you.

The landscape of digital marketing has expanded exponentially since the days of simple websites to a world where social media has added new ways for independent businesses to share their goods and services to a wider audience than imagined even a few years ago. These new technologies allow independent business owners new possibilities, including the use of video to tell your story.

Still, even with the excitement of digital media, I feel it’s important, working in the holistic business space, to maintain a balance between the digital and the analog. The web and social media are tools that can assist in sharing what we do, but what we do is innately analog and grounded. Balance here is what I strive to achieve.

At Now Age New Media, my goal is to assist independent, holistic-oriented businesses to shape and communicate their story in the digital media space. With my team, we develop the necessary components – from website design to content development – to tell your story to your prospective customers and clients.

Get in touch to discuss your holistic business, and your goals!